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Tanzania Tribe Safari welcomes you to the most mesmerising World of safari, Tanzania. Let us take you to a kingdom full of diverse cultures, thrilling big game and thundering activities of natural wonders, vast wilderness areas and big open skies and everywhere you go, you will be greeted by warm welcoming smiles. We believe there is nothing quite as fulfilling as a journey through the wilderness of Tanzania.


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Welcome you to explore some of the untouched driveways of Tanzania


We are passionate about Tanzania. We’ll show you Tanzania, better than anyone else.

Over 30 Years Experience

Because of which we endeavour to push our limits and surpass their desire by giving them the most paramount climbing & safari experience of their lifetime.

Local Experienced Guides

The significance of having capable, high quality guides and porters can't be exaggerated with regards to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania Tribe Safari utilizes.

Award Winning

Tanzania Tribe Safari is a full registered local company operated under travel and hospitality rules and regulation of Tanzania governments.We take care of every detail

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We specialise in tailor-making your tour to suit your tastes and budget.We provide detailed customised safari itineraries to each and every guest.


Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa which can be summited without any technical skills

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Kathleen Borchlewicz

Tanzania Tribe Safari is an exceptional organization focused on delivering a customized Tanzanian experience to its customers. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in traveling to Tanzania in search of a one-of-a-kind experience.

Erica Jackson

The trip of a lifetime! Tanzania Tribe Safari created a seamless experience for us from wonderful hotels and a tented camp to a safari experience that kept us in awe. Our safari guide Amini wore many hats during our trip and had eyes of an eagle!

Christina Woodside

Oh my gosh! Where do I start? My three sisters and I booked a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar through Tanzania Tribe Safari. It can be marked as a trip of a lifetime! Our safari guide, Amini was very knowledgeable about the animals and terrain.