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A Gesture Of Appreciation – Mastering The Art Of Tipping On Kilimanjaro


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Tipping on Kilimanjaro is a form of appreciation. This concept is customary. But this concept is also confusing for first-time climbers. Tipping is an art; you need to master it before you Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. So, when your climb ends you tip the Kilimanjaro Mountain Crew without any confusion.

In this flowing article, we will go deep and will let you know all the information you need to know on Mount Kilimanjaro Tipping. You can also consider this article as Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide.

Is Tipping Mandatory on Kilimanjaro?

No, Tipping On Kilimanjaro is not mandatory, this customary, and it is expected. The amount that you tip the Kilimanjaro crew is a symbol gesture that you’re thankful and appreciate their hard work and dedication. Kilimanjaro Staff gets salaries that are inadequate to be sustainable. That’s why these staffs mostly rely on the tips that they receive from the climbers.

Whom should I tip on Kilimanjaro?

Well, this might confuse you, as there is a big group of people who are involved in mountain crew. So first you need to know all members of the Kilimanjaro Crew.

The members of Kilimanjaro Crews are

  • A lead Guide
  • Assistant guides
  • Porters
  • Helping porters
  • A cook

Who are the individuals on Kilimanjaro Mountain Crew

As we mentioned above, all the Kilimanjaro Guides and other staffs are mostly from the local parts of Tanzania. Their ages range from 18-40. These Kilimanjaro porters work as freelancers, they are not employed permanently.

The primary source of income for these crew members is only the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb. This is what makes Tipping on Mount Kilimanjaro vital.

The Role of Mountain Crew

Tipping On Kilimanjaro

Each member of Mountain Crew plays an different and important role. And, each member plays an important role in Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing.

The lead guide

  • Number of persons – 1 per group
  • Key role – The lead guide leads the trek and takes the overall responsibility for everyone’s safety and health

Assistant Guide

Numbers of persons – 1 per 2/3 climbers

Key role – assistant guides monitor your health, answer your queries and lead you safely to the mountain


Number of persons – 1 per group

Key role – Prepare all your foods (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


Number of persons- 3 per climber

Role – Porters carry the food, camping equipment and personal belongings, set up and strike the Kilimanjaro Camp.

Helping porters

Numbers of persons – numbers can vary

 Key role- serves you as waiter, dishes and services the toilet tents

Now, as you know the role of these Kilimanjaro crew, imagine your Kilimanjaro Climbing without these people!  

More on Kilimanjaro Climbing is all about 6-9 days, and for that nine days you need a lot of kinds of stuff and equipment that you will this mountain crew will carry for you. For example –

  • Food, crockery, and cooking equipment
  • Sleeping tents, mess tents, and toilet tents
  • Chemical toilets
  • Sleeping Bags and sleeping mats
  • Medical supplies and personal belongings

How Much Exactly Should I Be Tipping?

This is what worries numbers Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing. It’s hard to decide the tipping amount as you don’t know the number of members, in your crew.

But once you land on Mount Kilimanjaro and your mountain crew is set, you can use the flowing table which shows the recommended tipping amount for Kilimanjaro Crew.

Crew members Daily Tip in USD
Helping Porter8-12
Assistant Guide15-25
Lead Guide20-30

This is an approx. amount, if you have any doubts, you can ask your Kilimanjaro Guides.  Remember the longer the more you will tip.

When Do I Give Out The Tip?

The right time for Kilimanjaro Tipping is when your climb ends. At the end of the climb, you can hand over the tipping amount at Kilimanjaro Tipping Ceremony.

This ceremony usually takes place at the end of every Kilimanjaro Climb. Climbers usually tip the crew members at this ceremony.

What Currency Should I Use While Tipping?

While Kilimanjaro Tipping most climbers use US Dollars or Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh). Before you leave the airport, make sure to withdraw enough cash, so that you don’t have to be worried about any cash.

And, if possible, try to bring cash into the assortment.

Is There Something I Can Do To Go The Extra Mile?

Besides tipping the Kilimanjaro crew, there are several ways to show appreciation and support. Firstly, express gratitude through thank-you notes or verbal appreciation to each member of the crew. Recommend the crew to friends, family, and fellow travellers, and spread the word about their exceptional service. When purchasing souvenirs or related items, support local businesses near the mountain, which indirectly benefits the crew and their community.

 Stay in touch with crew members, maintaining communication through email or social media, which can lead to future referrals or recommendations.


Mount Kilimanjaro Tipping is a customary practice that demonstrates gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the climbing crew. It serves as a crucial source of income for these hardworking individuals, who ensure a safe and memorable experience for trekkers.

If you want to know more about Mount Kilimanjaro Tipping, contact our team of experts.

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