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First-Timers Guide to Climbing the Kilimanjaro Machame Route


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The Machame Route Kilimanjaro is a unique path that takes you to the top of Africa’s highest mountain. On this path, you’ll walk through forests, vast open areas, and deserts.

If you’re considering Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, this guide will help you know what’s coming. It’s not easy, but the view and feeling at the top are amazing. Let’s get started on what you need to know.

Overview of Machame Route

Kilimanjaro Machame Camp

The Kilimanjaro Machame Route, commonly called the “Whiskey Route”, offers climbers a scenic and adventurous path to conquer the mountain. It’s the route of choice for those desiring an immersive experience, blending the mountain’s natural beauty and a test of physical limits.

Initiating from the Machame Gate on Kilimanjaro’s southwestern side, this route takes climbers through dense rainforests. It leads them to the welcoming Machame Camp Kilimanjaro for the night’s rest.

As days progress, climbers traverse different terrains like the open moorlands and barren alpine deserts. Memorable landmarks such as the Shira Plateau, Lava Tower, and the challenging Barranco Wall further enrich the journey.

Highlights of Machame Route

Kilimanjaro Machame Route offers breathtaking views as you climb the mountain. Along this route, you will:

  • Walk through dense forests where you might spot monkeys and birds.
  • Cross the Shira Plateau and look at the mountain’s vastness.
  • Ascend the Lava Tower, providing an expansive view of the nearby areas.
  • Scale the Barranco Wall, a challenging section that tests skill.
  • Reach the top at Uhuru Peak, offering a view of Africa.

Why Choose Machame Route?

  • Popularity: Nearly half of those venturing to the top of Kilimanjaro select the Machame Route Kilimanjaro. Its beauty and challenge appeal to many.
  • Diverse Landscape: Expect to traverse through dense forests, alpine deserts, and glacial zones when Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Summit Success: The Machame Route Success Rate for the 7-day variation is impressive, with about 90% reaching the top.
  • No Technical Skills Required: Despite its challenges, especially the ascent on day four, technical mountaineering skills aren’t a prerequisite.

The Machame Route Kilimanjaro Trek’s Itinerary

Kilimanjaro Climbing Route

A standard Kilimanjaro Machame Route 7 Days journey will encompass the following:

  • Day 1: Starting from Machame Gate, travelling through the rainforest, and resting at Machame Camp Kilimanjaro.
  • Day 2: Progressing to Shira Camp via heath and moorland terrains.
  • Day 3: Acclimatizing at Lava Tower and descending to Barranco Camp.
  • Day 4: Conquering the Barranco Wall and halting at Karanga Camp.
  • Day 5: Trekking to Barafu Camp, the crucial Kilimanjaro Base Camp Tents station.
  • Day 6: A midnight commencement for the summit, Uhuru Peak, followed by the descent to Mweka Camp.
  • Day 7: Wrapping up the Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro expedition at Mweka Gate with deserving accolades.

Click here to see the entire 7 days Machame Route Itinerary!

Machame Route: The Good and the Not-so-good


  • Flexibility in Trip Length

The Machame Route offers climbers two choices for the trek’s length: a quicker 6-day or more relaxed 7-day journey.

Many prefer the Kilimanjaro Machame Route 7-Days option as it gives more time to get used to the altitude, leading to higher chances of reaching the summit successfully.

  • Effective Strategy for Adjusting to Altitude

The route uses a “Walk High, Sleep Low” strategy. This means climbers ascend to higher altitudes during the day but return to sleep at a lower height at night.

This method is proven to help the body adjust to the mountain’s high elevations, making the climb safer and more comfortable.


  • Popularity

The Machame Route Kilimanjaro is pretty and good for adjusting to the height. But it’s hectic because many people choose it. Also, because you can finish it in six days, many cheaper tour groups pick this route, which might mean the experience isn’t as good.

Tips for Climbing the Machame Route

If you’re thinking of taking the Machame Route Kilimanjaro, consider the following tips:

  • Train beforehand to ensure you’re physically ready.
  • Allow some time to get used to the high altitudes.
  • Pack necessary gear, including warm outfits and rain protection.
  • Stay hydrated and eat energy-rich foods.
  • Always pay attention to your guide’s advice for a successful Kilimanjaro Climb.

Take the Machame Way to Scale Kilimanjaro Height’s

Climbing the majestic heights of Mount Kilimanjaro is an experience of a lifetime, and the Machame Route Kilimanjaro provides a spectacular journey to the summit. This route offers the ideal blend of beauty, challenge, and adventure for those eager to embrace the wilderness and test their limits.

If you’re planning your climb, remember that selecting the right Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Package is crucial for a rewarding and successful ascent.

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