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Beach Tours


Zanzibar is known the world over for its prime deep sea fishing locations where big game fish abound. The channel that lies between Zanzibar and Pemba offers many year-round deep sea angling opportunities. While beach vacationing on the island of Zanzibar, both amateurs and experienced anglers can try their hand at snagging the tough fighters that hunt these waters. You will be going out on your fishing excursion aboard a custom-built and well-equipped deep sea boats that are fitted with GPS navigational instruments, fish finders and echo sounders. Tanzania Tribe Safari will also assign you an on-board expert skipper with extensive experience to ensure that you are guided through the intricacies of fishing irrespective of your experience i.e. if you are a novice who needs hand-in-hand guidance or a veteran angler who needs the local ocean expertise from a captain who fishes daily in finding your preferred fish and guiding you on unique techniques on reeling it in. According to conservation rules, you will be requested to tag and release your catch. However, if you have caught a fish for the very first time or if it is the biggest you have ever caught, you might be permitted to keep it as a dinner meal or as a sale memento as part of your tour of Zanzibar.


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Tanzania Tribe Safari is an exceptional organization focused on delivering a customized Tanzanian experience to its customers. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in traveling to Tanzania in search of a one-of-a-kind experience.

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The trip of a lifetime! Tanzania Tribe Safari created a seamless experience for us from wonderful hotels and a tented camp to a safari experience that kept us in awe. Our safari guide Amini wore many hats during our trip and had eyes of an eagle!

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Oh my gosh! Where do I start? My three sisters and I booked a trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar through Tanzania Tribe Safari. It can be marked as a trip of a lifetime! Our safari guide, Amini was very knowledgeable about the animals and terrain.

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