Tanzania Weather

Tanzania Weather

Tanzania Weather

Tanzania Weather is predominantly warm, pleasant, and comfortable all year round. It mostly enjoys a wet and dry tropical climate, or tropical savanna climate with significant regional variations. This variation is mostly due to variations in altitude and temperature differences.

Also, the places you will be traveling to during Tanzania Safari Tours will be mostly warm and dry, but it can get chilly at night because of different seasons or altitudes. So, it’s mostly advised to bring summer clothes that can be easily layered to help you cope with the temperature variation. For more information about the weather in Tanzania and how it is going to affect travel plans, let’s read further.

Different Climatic Zones of Tanzania

The tropical Climate in Tanzania can be divided mainly into three climatic zones: the hot humid coastal plains, the semi-arid central plateau, and the temperate northern/western highlands. Let’s understand each of these climatic zones by referring to the table below:

Tanzania Climatic Zones


Temperature Range


Coastal areas

Zanzibar, Pemba, and Mafia

25°C (77°F) - 30°C (86°F)

-Tropical climate

-Hot and humid conditions throughout the year

-Rainfall year around with the heaviest rains during the long rainy season.

Central Plateau

Cities such as Dodoma and Singdia

15°C (59°F) - 35°C (95°F)

-Semi-arid climate

-Hot and dry conditions

-Nights are cool

Northern/ Western Highlands

Arusha, Moshi

10°C (50°F) - 25°C (77°F)

-Temperate climate due to elevation.

-Nights are cool and days are pleasant.

-The area experiences two rainy seasons.

Seasonal Variations in Tanzania

Tanzania is in the tropics and does not have winter and summer but has a distinct dry and wet season. Most popular Tanzania Destinations experience these seasons every year. June to October is referred to as the dry season whereas November to May is the wet season. Let’s have a little bit of insight into the different seasons in Tanzania.

Dry Season: June to October

  • Afternoon temperatures vary between 20°C/68°F and 30°C/86°F. They are subject to changes as per the location and altitude.
  • Most days are sunny with a clear sky.
  • Rainfall is little and humidity is low. Nights are cool.

Our Suggestion: Make sure to pack warm clothes if you are coming to northern parks as morning drives in open vehicles will be cold.

Wet Season: November to May

  • In the afternoon, the temperatures are consistently hot, but it is comparatively colder at higher altitudes.
  • Mornings are usually cold in the northern highlands.
  • November and December are periods of short rains that can sometimes interfere with your Tanzania Safari Trip.
  • Tanzania's Weather in January and February experience a dry spell except for the northern parks and coastal areas.
  • March to May is the wettest month as it tends to rain heavily almost every day. Humidity is high in the Tanzania National Parks in the southern and western parts.

Average Temperature and Rainfall

The average maximum and minimum temperatures in Tanzania vary over the year. Even the rainfall patterns vary with the dry season receiving little to no rainfall and the wet season, especially March, April, and May getting the heaviest rainfall.

This information on average temperature and rainfall over the months plays an essential part in timing your next Tanzania Safari Vacation. Below is a table that displays the temperature and rainfall over different months.

Average Monthly Maximum and Minimum Temperature and Rainfall


Max Temp

(ºC/ ºF)

Min Temp

(ºC/ ºF)

 Average Rainfall (mm/inch)








84/ 3.3









































Tanzania Weather by Month and Recommendations

Tanzania Weather By Month and our recommendations for what to wear on Safari in Tanzania are summed up below. Do have a look and follow our recommendations for a hassle-free Tanzania Safari Experience.


Weather Information

Recommendations for Tanzania Clothing

Tanzania weather January

-End of the short rainy season

-Short dry season begins

-Be prepared for clear, sunny days.

-Pack short-sleeved shirts and shorts.

Tanzania weather February

-warmest month

-Occasional showers may be possible.

-Pack short-sleeved shirts and zip-off pants


Tanzania Weather March

-warm and dry in the beginning

-Rains begin in mid-March

-Humidity is high

-Afternoon tropical downpours are common

-Lightweight and breathable waterproof rain jackets, rain pants, and rain ponchos are recommended.

Tanzania Weather April

-Heavy rains continue.

-It rains every day but not throughout the day.

-Waterproof rain jacket, rain pants, and rain poncho are a must.

Tanzania Weather May

-Landscapes turn lush and green as rains continue.

-Afternoon downpours are common

-Waterproof rain jacket, rain pants, and rain poncho must be carried on safaris.

Tanzania Weather June

-Rains stop for most of June

-Temperatures cool down and the climate starts getting dry.

-Jackets or sweaters in the evenings

-Warm hats, gloves, and scarves are necessary for early morning.

-Layering is recommended to adjust yourself to varying temperatures throughout the day.

Tanzania Weather July

-Cool and dry

-Early mornings and nights are cold.

-warm layers including jackets, sweaters, warm long pants and warm hats, gloves, and scarf are a must on game drives.

Tanzania Weather August

-Mild weather

-Jacket/Sweater for nights and early mornings.

-Might as well carry a hat, gloves, and a scarf for cooler spells

-Layering of clothes is key.

Tanzania Weather September

-Comfortable temperatures

-Outer layer could be a short-sleeved shirt and shorts for warm temperatures throughout the day.

Tanzania Weather October

-last month of the long dry season

-cool, clear, and sunny

-Daytime temperatures are mild

-Evenings and early mornings are comfortably cool.


Tanzania Weather November

-Beginning of short rains

-Rains are lighter and not predictable.

-Lightweight, breathable waterproof rain jacket, rain pants, or rain poncho.

Tanzania Weather December

-Short rains continue in December.

-Same clothing as that of November.

Our Suggestion: When the days are clear and warm during Tanzania Safari Trip, go for a comfortable base layer and add more layers when it gets chilly cold. And, if it rains, you can always put on a rain jacket or rain poncho.

Tanzania’s Weather and Wildlife Viewing

Tanzania's Weather patterns significantly impact wildlife behavior and movements.

  • During the dry seasons, animals tend to congregate around water sources, making wildlife viewing easier and more predictable.
  • Conversely, during the rainy seasons, animals may disperse across the landscape in search of food, making them harder to spot.

Our Safari Tip: The Great Migration Serengeti, an annual movement of over 1.5 million wildebeest and other ungulates. This world-renowned event is heavily influenced by rainfall patterns as the herds follow the rains in search of fresh grazing lands. Understanding these connections between weather and wildlife will help you choose the Best Time to Visit Tanzania for optimal wildlife viewing experiences.

The table below shows the Best Time to Visit Tanzania based on other outdoor activities along with wildlife safari. Refer to the table to find out your time for visiting Tanzania.


Best Time


Wildlife Safari

June - September, January - February

Optimal wildlife viewing during the dry seasons

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

June - October, December - February

Dry seasons provide better conditions for climbing

Beach Vacation

June - October, December - February

Dry seasons offer sunny days and ideal beach conditions


November - April

Rainy seasons attract migratory birds and lush landscapes

Tanzania's Weather Wisdom for Unforgettable Safari Adventures

Tanzania's Weather patterns are diverse and are responsible for offering a range of experiences for travelers. By understanding the country's climate and seasonal variations, you can plan your Tanzania Safari Tours according to your interests and preferences. Remember to pack appropriately and take other necessary precautions to ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable journey through this captivating country.

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